back online and big changes

my dear readers, it has been as busy as a bangkok highway the last month. i haven’t written because i am abandoning this little corner on the internet of mine, but because i have been without broadband!

to be honest it was tough at first, i felt like an addict going through withdrawal. no facebook, friendfeed or blogging. i felt so disconnected.

then i got over it, and started doing other things like watch tv. last week i swore that i would never watch tv again. so mindless (with the exception of boston legal of course).

many changes have happened. i am now no longer a working systems architect. i have joined th public relations fraternity. before you start booing and hissing, i believe in this profession. someone has to tell people about the wonderful things that geeks can do!

obligatory disclosure clause

in the spirit of transparency i need to tell you that i am now an employee of howorth communications, an ogilvy pr worldwide company. the ideas offered here are my own and i do not speak for my employers in any way here. i maintain complete editorial control but obviously i will not discuss any confidential information belonging to the company’s clients! besides being unethical, it’s not nice. :)

end obligatory disclosure clause

so why pr?

well for one thing, it’s not the money! on that front some people think i am insane for switching careers.

i believe in the media. i believe in advocacy. i believe that with the exponential growth in social media adoption we are on the verge of something very important, not to mention very cool. despite some of the negativity that i see coming from some technical people towards pr people, i think the opinions are skewed. i will deal with this subject at a later time, suffice to say that i am now in a profession that i believe in.

if a complete change of career was not enough, i also moved house and became a motorcyclist within the same week!

so it has been a very busy time. things are settling down a bit now so more writing to come out of me soon.

it’s good to be back.


I'm a strategy guy at Ogilvy & Mather who likes old cameras and typewriters, fast bikes and rusty sunken ships.

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