Innovation Dead?

Innovation Dead?

Interesting article over on BGR regarding whether or not Apple has peaked and is essentially on the decline. It’s a balanced POV but the article ends with:

Whether or not Apple is truly in decline remains to be seen, but making that claim immediately after Apple reported a record September quarter, and just before Apple is set to post a record December quarter, is a bit of a stretch.

I don’t agree with this bit. The unfortunate things for companies that top out is that decline is never expected that quickly. RIM was unstoppable in the early part of 2009 but by the end of the year it was starting to smell.

It seems that with iPhone 5 Apple has run out of ideas and as other handset makers / OS vendors catch up, Apple no longer finds itself in a market in which it alone controls. It’s where RIM was (certainly in the smartphone space) in 2009 I think and I think it’s about to get disrupted.


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