It’s official, I’m moving to Hong Kong

Hat tip to: @dorealau for this golden nugget

The news is public now, so I figured I should announce it on my blog. I was offered a fantastic
opportunity to relocate to Hong Kong to work with the 360 Digital Influence regional team and I accepted!

I fell in love with Hong Kong pretty much the moment I stepped off the plane on my very first business trip there in 2008. It’s an exciting mashup of east and west, it’s a little like me :).

Professionally it’s especially appealing because it means I am smack bang in the middle of Asia where there is still enormous growth and there are also 14 individual markets with different language, custom and culture.

More info soon but for now it’s a flurry of activity to get packed and ready before I fly out in a couple of weeks!

Hoc opus numquam perfectum

Hoc opus numquam perfectum translates to English as this work is never finished. It is my invitation to you dear reader to read, rebut or renovate on my ideas to make them better.


  1. Jonathan Nguyen says

    AB!, I’ll be a regional strategy director and APAC director for measurement. Basically it is to help ramp up the team across APAC not just Australia. I’m sure there will be more details when I actually start.

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